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    Food, Agriculture, and Female Farmers in Burkina Faso

    Julia Morgan ’18, Millie Varley ’18, and geography professor Bill Moseley researched food security and diet diversity in Burkina Faso.

    January 17 2018

    Assessing Public Health Issues

    Students’ GIS research projects explore issues such as health care access in North Dakota oil fields.

    March 13 2017

    Maps for Good

    Ross Donihue ’11 builds on cartography skills learned at Macalester to promote conservation of critical landscapes.

    September 26 2016

    Mapping North Minneapolis

    Mac geography students partnered with a local organization to tell a story using maps.

    July 26 2016

    Networking in D.C.

    Through MacConnect DC, Joe Klein spent his spring break networking and talking about careers with Macalester alumni in Washington, D.C.

    March 28 2016

    Meeting Mongolia

    Students visited Minnesota's Iron Range and found lessons relevant to their study of Mongolia.

    March 21 2016

    Welcome to the Geography Department

    Macalester’s nationally and internationally recognized Geography Department, founded in 1947 by Hildegard Binder Johnson , is unusually broad in scope for an undergraduate liberal arts college. The department leads students through an exploration of urban and regional planning, environmental geography, cartography, geographic information science and socioeconomic development in various regions of the world. Students may major or minor in geography. Students may also take a specialized minor focused on Geographic Information Systems or major in geography with an additional concentration in Urban Studies.

    27th ANNUAL COLLOQUIUM OF THE IGU-CSRS The Geography Department looks forward to hosting Sustaining Rural Systems: Rural Vitality in an Era of Globalization and Economic Nationalism , the 27th Annual Colloquium of the IGU-CSRS . The conference and field study will be held in July 2019.

    CRYSTAL GLOBE AWARD Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Crystal Globe Award for Distinguished Service to the Macalester Geography Department — Greta Alquist ’07 and Fay Simer ’06

    DEPARTMENT HONORS 2018 – The Association of American Geographers Honorable Mention for Bachelors Program of Excellence More. . .

    Helpful Links

    FA 2018 GEOG 225 Wait List

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    Summer Research Opportunities

    Our Department In the News

    Novica Sterling silver stud earrings Resplendent Flowers UPzU3W5ngS

    Why it’s important to recognize multiple food systems in Africa | The Conversation | July 18, 2018

    Is food self-sufficiency making a comeback? | African Arguments | June 15, 2018

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    Updated ; Posted

    By Amy Kuperinsky

    [email protected] ,

    NJ Advance Media for

    On last night's episode of " Jersey Shore ," while the crew was on its "family vacation" in Miami, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino informed everyone that he planned to propose to Fine Jewelry Enhanced Turquoise Sterling Silver Rectangular Cuff Bracelet myN723XGc
    , his college sweetheart.

    Just after the episode ended, Sorrentino, 35, tweeted engagement photos showing the reality star and Pesce, 32, on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant and at Pier Village in Long Branch.

    "THE FUTURE MR MRS SITUATION," he posted, along with Fine Jewelry 1/2 CT TW Diamond 10K White Gold DoubleRow Hoop Earrings beBlb
    taken for Us Weekly, which reports the engagement will play out in a future episode, of course.

    Sorrentino proposed to Pesce on Valentine's Day while she was visiting him in Miami, presenting a Novica Amethyst pendant necklace Jaipur Star K9IvbwFz
    diamond ring worth about $65,000.

    "It was really special for me to do this, to get down on one knee on 'Jersey Shore,'" he told the magazine.

    THE FUTURE MR MRS SITUATION [?] [?] [?] Ana Khouri Multicolor Simplicity Ring ibsuQjp

    " GYM TAN WE'RE ENGAGED ," Sorrentino shared on Instagram.

    "It was really special and it really meant a lot to both of us that they wanted to be involved and put so much effort into wanting to make it perfect," Pesce told the magazine, speaking of Sorrentino's castmates.

    In the series premiere of " Monet Jewelry Monet Jewelry Womens Blue Strand Necklace adCI7
    ," the revival of the popular MTV reality series, Pesce and Sorrentino are seen living in a Long Branch condo.

    But the happy newsmay prove bittersweet for Sorrentino. His announcement came just before he was scheduled to be sentenced for tax evasion. Now he'll have a bit more time before he learns of his fate. The sentencing, originally scheduled for April 25, has been postponed until June 20.

    In January, the MTV celebrity, who went to high school in Manalapan, pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of tax evasion as part of a plea deal. Sorrentino faced a 14-count indictment in the tax case. His legal troubles are a plot point in the revival. In the first episode, he had to stay home and miss a flight to Miami because of a court appearance, worrying that he wouldn't be able to film the show as planned.

    By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor |
    The "Bat Bot" was designed to mimic how acrobatic bats are in real life.

    Whether they're swooping around to catch dinner or delicately hanging upside down to sleep, bats are known for their acrobatic prowess. Now, scientists have created a robot inspired by these flying creatures. Dubbed the "Bat Bot," it can fly, turn and swoop like its real-life counterpart in the animal kingdom.

    Since at least the time of Novica Sterling silver band ring Blissful Happiness wdK9V904W
    , scientists have sought to mimic the acrobatic way in which bats maneuver the sky. Someday, robotic bats could help deliver packages or inspect areas ranging from disaster zones to construction sites, the researchers said.


    "Bat flight is the Holy Grail of Fine Jewelry LabCreated Emerald and Black Sapphire Sterling Silver Earring Jackets QJ0x6VEs
    ," said study co-author Soon-Jo Chung, a robotics engineer at the California Institute of Technology and a research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, both in Pasadena. [ Capsule Snake And Bar Collar Necklace ARrgibz

    Error loading player:
    No playable sources found

    Learning from animals

    Bats may possess the most sophisticated wings in the animal kingdom , with more than 40 joints in their wings that enable unparalleled agility during flight, likely so that they can pursue equally nimble insect prey, the researchers said.

    "Whenever I see bats make sharp turns or perch upside down with elegant wing movements, I get mesmerized," Chung told Live Science.


    Previous work has developed a variety of flying robots biologically inspired by insects and birds. However, attempts to build robots that mimic bats have been met with limited success because of the complexities of bats' wings, such as their multitude of joints, the researchers said.

    Now, Chung and his colleagues have developed the "Bat Bot," or B2, a robot that can fly, turn and swoop like a bat. The aim is "to build a safe, energy-efficient, soft-winged robot," Chung told Live Science.

    The researchers said previous bat robots followed the skeletal anatomy of these flying creatures too closely, resulting in bots that were too bulky to fly. Instead, the scientists figured out which components were key to the beating of a bat's wing — the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, and the side-to-side swish of their thighs — and used only those in their robot.

    Whereas conventional flapping-wing robots used rigid wings, the Bat Bot has thin, elastic wings. "When a bat flaps its wings, it's like a rubber sheet — it fills up with air and deforms," said study co-author Seth Hutchinson, a robotics engineer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During the downward stroke, "the flexible wing fills up with air, and at the bottom of the downstroke, it flexes back into place and expels the air, which generates extra lift," he explained. "That gives us extra flight time."

    Elearning Development Grant (ELDG) from UCL ELE (E-Learning Environments) Implementation status

    Contact: Anne Welsh (Project Coordinator), [email protected] Added to Register: April 28, 2015

    Added to Register:

    Library of Alexandria

    Implementation Status/Plans.

    Music Library Association (MLA)

    Description: The Music Library Association is working to examine aspects related to music in the Library of Congress’s MARC to BIBFRAME Transformation Service as part of a broader effort to develop BIBFRAME profiles for music. We plan to provide feedback on conversion issues, use cases, and functional requirements, as well as to contribute to the BIBFRAME vocabulary and data model. Our pilot project begins with an in-depth look at how medium of performance is handled in the MARC-to-BIBFRAME conversion process. We will examine technical issues such as grouping, ordinality and cardinality, and how these aspects translate to musical designations such as soloists, accompaniment, number of players to a part, instrumental and voice doubling, and instruments sharing.

    Link : Music Library Association BIBFRAME Task Force blog

    Contact: Kimmy Szeto ([email protected])

    Added to Register: November 7, 2014; Last Modified : May 5, 2015

    The National Library of Medicine

    Last Update

    Columbia University Libraries

    Princeton University Library

    Cornell University Library

    Implementation status: Verified

    Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba “José Martí” ( BNJM)

    We encourage the idea to include Catalog Cards as a , similar to the Cover Art Annotation Class in the BIBFRAME model. In fact we have been modeling the Catalog Card Class in a way similar to that of the Covert Art Annotation Class and that could be a solution for this USE CASE respecting the standardized efforts of BIBFRAME.

    We plan to publish a first set of the BIBFRAME data of our holdings as part of the Linked Open Data space at the first trimester of 2015. We are very interested to test interoperability issues with other libraries and agencies.

    Implementation status: We already have created the CIPAC of the Printed Cards Catalog of books of the Cuban Collection of XIX century and we began the annotation process using the mentioned tool. We would welcome the definition of the above mentioned annotation class in order to advance the creation of linked data using BIBFRAME model.

    © 2018, Oregon Public Broadcasting